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The WinLift harnesses new and innovative technology to provide an effective solution for lifting and lowering a variety of building materials and equipment on both construction and renovation sites. You can, for example, quickly and effortlessly lift windows and doors. WinLift is also ideal for lifting other products, such as balcony railings and glazing.


The lifter can be set up in only an hour, and makes on-site work faster and more efficient.


Thanks to its innovative technology, WinLift is significantly faster (speed range 10–66 m/min) and quieter than traditional lifters. Its wide range of motion enables the lifter to be lowered to ground level, which means you can forget about separate ramps or muscle power to transport materials to the platform. This facilitates loading and speeds up the entire process significantly when compared to traditional methods. With WinLift, you can effortlessly bring a new product up and an old product down, and also dispose of trash.


The WinLift is easy and effortless to install. Imagine a lifter that can be assembled or used without the need for separate cranes or protective structures. This frees up a significant amount of valuable working time for more important tasks, that is, the actual installation of products such as windows.


Thanks to its small size, the WinLift is also easy to transport. It fits easily into a van or trailer, and if necessary can also be disassembled into smaller parts.


Two wireless controllers make the lifter simple and easy to use.


The WinLift is also significantly more environmentally friendly than traditional lifters. It will save both money and the environment, as you do not need to transport a variety of separate cranes to the site.


WinLift also consumes only a fraction of the electricity that a traditional scissor lift or aerial work platform would use.

Speed range:

8-66 m/min

The equipment can be installed in a variety of different-sized window openings and balconies.

It can also be packed small for transport and, if required, disassembled.






Lifting windows on construction sites has always required massive safety zones, scaffolding, and a variety of scissor lifts and aerial work platforms. What is in itself quite a simple procedure therefore requires a lot of initial preparation, not to mention repairs to yard areas and buildings after the work has been completed.


There has long been a need for a more cost-effective, faster and easier method, which is why we wanted to develop a solution with the aid of WinLift.


Our mission is to revolutionise the window replacement process with the aid of WinLift. Our goal is to make window installation as safe as possible in all conditions. We also want to make the process as customer-friendly as possible, and to minimise its impact on the environment. All of this is only possible with the WinLift.


Our vision is to further develop our equipment, to release new innovative devices, and to make everyday processes on construction sites and in other sectors even easier, so that valuable time can always be used in an optimal manner.


The WinLift has been designed and manufactured in Finland. Our engines come from Europe, and we only use the highest-quality and fully tested components.


The WinLift is unique among lifters. It has been designed to be both durable and lightweight, so it is as easy as possible to move, install and use.


Every construction site naturally has its own challenges, which is why the WinLift offers a versatile range of adjustments, enabling it to be installed in a variety of different-sized window openings and balconies.


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